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Big News for Ferndale Fiber!
After 15 years in business we are selling the wool mill.  The sale includes all equipment, machinery, inventory, customer list, vendor list, instruction for production of our wholesale products, Potluck Roving and Needle Felting Wool Packs.
The buyer would have an existing customer base with easy potential for increased growth in the wholesale products.  The mill could also be run as a custom carding mill for fibers.  The photos below show some of the equipment from the mill but there is more...
Please contact us at kmgreen196@msn.com

Davis and Furber 60" Card

Roving maker

Wool Picker

Quilt sized Batt Maker

Dye Pots

You can now purchase our needle felting products at

Welcome to Ferndale Fiber.


We are a wholesale source for wonderful 
needle felting wool, our signature Potluck Roving™and Wooly Eggz for fishing.

For retail sales:

Please contact us for our 
wholesale sample package 
and pricing information.  
*Wholesale customers must have a retail shop with a retail license.

Potluck Roving 

Our Potluck Roving™ is a unique carded roving which is made from fine wool (24 micron) that has first been combed to remove debris and vegetation, then dyed wonderful colors in small lots, and then carded again to make a true roving product. The re-carding results in roving not combed top, which is easy to draft and spin. Since the wool is dyed before being re-carded, there is no felting or compression of the roving. New spinners find Potluck Roving™ a nice product to learn on and experienced spinners love the ease of spinning this lofty wool.

There are 19 colorways, some a random blend of multiple colors, some are a striped roving.  

Please see our color page for photos and descriptions. 

Needle Felting
 Our wool is perfect for sculptural needle felting creations and for embellishment of fabrics.This USA grown wool is a mix of fine sheep breeds and has a micron count of 24. It is combed and then dyed into wonderful shades.  Our dying process offers unique color ways. The dye process returns the fiber crimp which conditions the wool top for easier felting. 

Why choose Ferndale Fiber Needle Felting Wool?

  • Our product is quality virgin wool, grown and dyed in the USA, not imported.
  • This is true combed top, not carded roving, so all debris and unwanted material have been removed. 
  • The wool is a blend of sheep breeds and has a micron count of 24 for fine detail felting work.
  • The wool comes prepackaged in clear recyclable bags for great merchandising display.
  • Prepackaging saves you time and results in a larger minimum purchase per customer.
  • The wool is dyed after combing which preconditions it for felting. 
  • The kettle dying technique results in shade variations giving customers more creative options.
  • There are 12 multi-color sample packs and 25 single shade options.

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