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Ferndale Fiber
2870 W. 54th Lane
Ferndale, WA 98248

About Us
Ferndale Fiber was started in 1999 as a custom processing mill.  We expanded that portion of our business with the purchase of a full sized 
industrial 60”-
9 ton carding machine built in 1925.  She is a beauty.  We then started producing a line of carded roving called “Potluck Roving” using the same combed top found in our needle felting wool.  Potluck Roving has been selling very well for a number of years now, spinners really like it because the wool is soft (24 mircon), dyed before carding and there is no vegetation.

With the growing interested in needle felting, we “felt” it was time to offer our own product line for needle felters, especially since we have this source for wonderful USA grown wool.

We are committed to offering customers the best possible wool product and we welcome suggestions for improvement and new color combinations.

Thank you for your interest in Ferndale Fiber Potluck Roving and Needle Felting Wool.

Email is a great way to reach us, or give us a call. 

Kathy Green

p.s. Check out our blog at ferndalefiber.blogspot.com

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