Ferndale Fiber
Potluck Roving

This roving is a blend of fine domestic virgin wool grown in the USA. We hand dye the fiber wonderful colors then blend the dyed fiber and card to fat roving. The fiber is very nicely carded and spins into wonderful multicolored yarn.  Since the fiber is ‘dyed in the wool’ before carding, the roving is lofty and easy to spin. Potluck Roving also wet felts really well and of course needle felts beautifully. 

The wool is free of vegetation and is very soft (24 microns). 

The roving is wound into 8 ounce balls which come with label attached. 

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Black Crimson: a mix of deep red and black.

Blue Lagoon: a blend of aqua and purples.

Granite: a mixed blend of gray with rose and hints of black.

Green Fun: a stripe of grass green, chartreuse, and dark green.

Iris: a striped roving of grass green, yellow green, 
white, lavender and yellow.

Jungle: a mix of forest green, emerald green, brown and tan.

Lavender: a mix of lavender shades.

Midnight Mulberry:  a dark mix of mulberry shades and black.

Misty Mountain: a mix of pine green and gray.

Moody Blue: a bright mix of brilliant blue and periwinkle.

Mud Puddle: a striped roving of dyed gray, black, white and caramel.

Night Sky: a dark mix of navy, burnt orange and purple.

Ocean Blue: a mix of aqua, teal and periwinkle.

           Paradise: a striped roving of brilliant blue, lime, brilliant violet and aqua

Party Time: a striped roving of magenta, tangerine, lime and violet.

Pumpkin Spice: a mix of deep gold, cranberry and salmon. 

Purple Haze: a mix of brilliant lavender and purple 
with a hint of blue.

Steel: a mix of grey, black and white.

Stormy Sea: a mix of aqua, teal and black.

Vine Maple: a mix of deep red, orange and golden brown 
with hints of green. 

Wild Rose: a mix of dusty lavender pinks.
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